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The animal kingdom is magnificent and spectacular, until it comes waltzing into homes, commercial locations and industrial units too. If it seems some members of the animal kingdom are getting too cozy with your Toronto location, call up the experts in humane response to furry friends making their way into the home.

Do I really Need Pest Control?

There are plenty of ways to keep squirrels, raccoons, deer, moose and rats out of your home and property. Keeping high standards of hygiene and cleanliness as well as the presence of a dog or cat can even add a measure of security from pests of all sizes.

Nevertheless, if the furry friends or creepy crawlers keep coming back, there is probably a good reason for this and these reasons can escape all but a professional. Other times an animal in the home requires expert removal service to ensure no damage comes to the home, residents or unfortunate animal who fell afoul of human expansion.

Our Humane and Effective Brand of Animal Control Toronto

Baits, traps and poisoning are all very archaic methods of animal control and can often do more harm than good. Injured or poisoned animals can actually die deep within the bowels of a building and cause and begin to putrefy. Furthermore, simply killing animals never ensures that another will not take its place.

The best way to address an animal problem is to find the underlying causes and address them there. Rats often venture forth from colonies below or nearby the location in question. Squirrels will look for the same nesting grounds year after year and all access must be denied. Garbage, food sources and water are other irresistible attractions for a wide variety uninvited animals.

Our response will always be adapted to the situation at hand. It is our goals to avoid any loss of life or actually having to kill any of our native Canadian wildlife. Nevertheless, cockroaches and rats often call for a more detrimental response.

Our non-lethal methods of animal control include an inspection for the various points of entry that can be giving access to these animal menaces. These will be closed off and various sources of food and water will also be stopped up to reduce the attraction for animals. .
The proper application of various lethal and nonlethal methods of animal control is what allows us to ensure the efficacy of our expert services. After our work is completed we will provide a warranty describing what we found in the location the methods we applied and how these will reduce the pest situation.

Rodent Control Services by SWAT Wildlife — Animal Control Toronto

Our experienced professionals have many years of experience providing expert services to the Toronto area and are familiar with every type of creature in the area. Our dedicated professionals understand the way these animals work and will apply their expert skills to ensuring your problem is effectively removed.

If you are looking for the last word in pest and animal control Toronto, call SWAT Wildlife to protect your property family and health.